Goldberg Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor firm specializing in investment management created to help people protect and grow their retirement investment accounts. By just focusing on the money management part of the process we believe we offer a superior service to other financial advisors offering other financial services in addition to management. We utilize low cost ETF’s and index funds instead of the higher fee mutual fund alternatives. Our strategy is an active management approach that utilizes market timing strategies and will invest in, and sometimes against, stocks depending on our market outlook.

Goldberg Financial attempts to position itself as an alternative to the buy and hold mutual fund investment approach with a periodic rebalance. Instead we manage the money actively and take advantage of market movements to reposition our clients as they occur. We don’t invest money in any mutual funds at any time.

Goldberg Financial is a fee only Registered Investment Advisor firm charging a 1%-2% annual percentage fee for services. There are no other commissions or kickbacks from the funds your money is invested in to our company.

Investing involves risk of loss. Goldberg Financial, LLC, does not guarantee the performance of any investments. Suitability needs to be determined prior to deciding which investment program is right for you.

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