Why We Are Different

Goldberg Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor firm specializing in investment management created to help people protect and grow their retirement investment accounts. People should feel empowered when dealing with their investments, not stuck between a rock and a hard place.

We find most people have their money invested with an advisor they rarely hear from or their money invested with a financial planner that doesn’t really focus on investment advising. They don’t feel their account gets much attention and they don’t hear from their investment advisor with market updates and changes very often, if ever. They may receive account summary updates but those updates show very few changes in their investment line ups even though market changes are occurring all of the time.

We are also different in that the standard advisor approach consists of using a mix of mutual funds that they are affiliated with. These mutual funds tend to charge higher expense fees than the independent lower cost exchange traded funds we use. We also find there are better investment options these days than mutual funds and prefer to use those for our clients. Some advisors are actually compensated by the mutual fund companies for keeping your money invested there, thus creating a significant conflict of interest issue. These advisors, in these arrangements, aren't likely to ever recommend selling out of their recommended mutual funds even if they thought a market crash was close on the horizon because it may cut off a significant source of funding for them.

Investing involves risk of loss. Goldberg Financial, LLC, does not guarantee the performance of any investments. Suitability needs to be determined prior to deciding which investment program is right for you.

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